About Us

Purpose and Core Values

It is EMR’s mission to attract, retain and develop talented employees who share our vision; understand and serve our customers through partnership and sound project management practices; give back to our community, our country and our world; encourage and embody the entrepreneurial spirit; and endeavor always to make our best even better.


Improve the Lives of Others

When we strive to improve the lives of others, our own lives will be elevated to a new vantage point.

Core Values

Family of Families

EMR recognizes the role family plays in the lives of our employees. We listen to and work hard to keep our employees successful at work and home.


EMR got its start helping customers “do more with less.” Changing processes just to try something new is meaningless, finding a new process that provides real savings “doing more with less” is the innovation EMR is famous for.


At EMR success means we support people, the planet and profit (Triple Bottom Line). Our purpose is to improve the lives of others. EMR donates a percentage of profits to support local and national charities that help those who inspire us. Many of EMR’s innovations promote sustainability and healthy ecosystems that benefit people and planet. EMR believes in fair and honest capitalism — an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.


From the first day of its existence, the owners of EMR have followed the Golden Rule — treating others as we wish to be treated. EMR’s goal is to treat its family, customers, subcontractors and vendors with straightforward honesty.