What We Do

Investigation and Remediation of
Petroleum-Contaminated Soil

Cannon AFB

Location: Cannon AFB, NM

Client: Air Force Civil Engineer Center

EMR completed a Remedial Field Investigation (RFI) and successfully remediated Site FT-08 Fire Training Area, by the removal and off-site treatment (by bioremediation) of over 600 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil. RFI activities were conducted to accurately define the horizontal and vertical extent of petroleum-contaminated soils on-site. Source removal and post-excavation soil sampling and analysis provided rapid site remediation and eliminated AF liability at Site ST-08. EMR implemented a “sustainability” initiative by transporting contaminated soil to a state permitted biotreatment facility rather than a landfill facility. Permitting efforts included drilling and dig permits from Cannon AFB Civil Works office and manifesting of solid waste soils for disposal at the treatment facility. EMR completed the project ahead of schedule despite a work plan review period of nearly five months by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED). Site Closure was approved by the NMED.

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