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Pipeline Spill Clean-Up

Oil Pipeline Spill Cleanup

Location: Marshall, MI

Client: Burns and McDonnell for Enbridge

A 30-inch pipeline carrying crude oil from Griffith, IN to Sarnia, Ontario, ruptured. Line 6B spilled an estimated 19,500 barrels of oil near the town of Marshall, MI. After heavy rains, Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River were near flood-stage. The oil quickly found its way to the swollen creek and was carried to the rushing waters of the Kalamazoo River. The oil then continued down the Kalamazoo River approximately 35 miles to the Morrow Lake delta. The spill needed to be contained. If it overtopped the dam at Morrow Lake, it was just 80 more river miles to Lake Michigan. The strategy for containing and removing the spilled oil involved identifying control points along the river where boom could be stretched to direct and trap the oil. Once held, the oil could then be skimmed or siphoned from the water.


EMR provided supervision of Staging Area 2, including the coordination and management of warehousing commodities, equipment and supplies, and response teams. EMR maintained accurate records of receiving, inventorying, shipment, and field movement of all resources. The staging area also received demobilized equipment returning from the field and prepared it for either remobilization or demobilization. Staging Area 2 also provided an interim waste storage location, which was identified in the Waste Management Plan.

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