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Avian Influenza Remediation

Avian Flu Remediation Response

Location: Multiple Locations in Northwest IA

Client: Clean Harbors for USDA

On June 15, 2015, EMR responded to confirmed cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 in commercial poultry flocks in Iowa, which is one of the 20 states that represent a composite of the top broiler, turkey, and layer producing states. 139 EMR field technicians were deployed to 11 sites across Northwest Iowa in response to the HPAI outbreak. Individual crews were comprised of a supervisor, two foremen, and 18 field technicians who were OSHA 40-hr HAZWOPER trained, passing a pulmonary function test without restriction and FIT test.


The majority of facilities were dry cleaned and heated because of the widespread HPAI outbreak. The field teams removed gross contamination, organic material, and debris from the premises via mechanical means like sweeping and/or the use of water, soap, or detergent. Cages were dry cleaned with wire brushes. Each facility was then heated to 100-120 degrees for seven days, with at least three of the days being consecutive, to adequately eliminate the HPAI.

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