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Railroad Emergency Spill Response

Railroad Chemical and Diesel Spill Cleanup

Location: Multiple Locations in IL

Client: Class I Railroad

EMR managed initial emergency response and follow-up remediation activities related to accidental releases of chemicals at railroad properties in Illinois. The types of releases varied from a five-gallon chemical spill from a leaking container to a 1,000-gallon diesel spill from a derailed locomotive. During the initial response, the aim was to stabilize the spill and prevent further damage from the released substances to humans and/or the environment. Once the initial emergency response phase was complete, EMR evaluated the spill location to ascertain potential environmental impacts in the area from the released substances. If the evaluation indicated that environmental impacts were present, then additional work was performed to mitigate risks associated with the impacts. The additional work included: performing soil boring tests, installation of monitoring wells, implementation of the Work Plan including collection of soil and groundwater samples, preparation of site investigation reports, development of remediation objectives, selection and implementation of the remediation technology, quarterly groundwater sampling from monitoring wells, and preparation of Remedial Action Completion Reports. Remediation technologies implemented included: soil excavation and disposal at a landfill; enhanced bioremediation via injection of nutrients, chemical oxidation, risk-based closure by conducting site-specific risk assessment, and pump-and-treat (both traditional and enhanced) system installation for removal of free-phase petroleum products.

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