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Design-Build of 400Hz Electrical Distribution System for Navy E-6B Aircraft

Electrical Distribution System for the Navy

Location: Tinker AFB, OK

Client: NAVFAC Midwest

EMR designed and built an improved 400Hz electrical distribution system for Aircraft Ground Power Units (AGPU) for the 16 E-6B Mercury aircraft, serving the US Navy's TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out) Air Wing. The existing AGPU had never met the needs of the E-6B aircraft. The EMR Team compiled relevant data pertaining to the existing AGPU and designed new state-of-the-art solid state point-of-use frequency converters to provide 400Hz power to the E-6B aircraft.


EMR proffered a design guarantee of an operational system, and the design was approved by the NAVFAC whose objectives and project requirements per MIL-SPEC-704F were utilized to develop the 30 percent, 65 percent, and 95 percent design documents. The project was performed in two phases: (1) design and install four 180 kVa 400Hz AGPUs in the four bays of Building 820 (Hangar); (2) design and install six 180 kVA 400Hz AGPUs, 120-volt power, and beacon lighting on the flight line. Once constructed, the new 400Hz AGPUs met the required power needs of the E-6B aircraft.

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