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VA Medical Center Dental Clinic Renovation and Roof Repair

Medical Center Dental Clinic

Location: Orlando, FL

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District

EMR provided architectural and engineering design for two projects in separate locations concurrently (the roof replacement was not on the same building as the dental clinic and had two separate VA end users).


VA Dental Clinic: Because the existing workload of the dental clinic exceeded the space available, EMR was contracted to provide design and construction for the relocation of x-ray equipment, a new storage room, and two additional operatory rooms. Work included installation of operating chairs, cabinets, sinks, and lighting to create a new and up-to-date dental operating center. The dental clinic is located inside the main VA hospital and was in operation during demolition and construction. At all times, the clinic had to have at least two operating rooms that were clean and unobstructed. All work was performed at night and some weekends to minimize the impact on the patients and staff.


Roof Replacement, Orlando VA Medical Center Administration Building: Scope of work included the demolition of the existing roof, insulation, metal flashings and trim, and installation of a new built-up bituminous 4-ply roofing system and new coated aluminum flashing on one main roof and two smaller roofs totaling 50,000 square feet. In addition, the building had an elaborate array of communications equipment on the roof that consisted of video cameras, infrared sensors, satellite dishes, and antennas which had to be carefully removed before the new roofing and flashing were installed and then reattached to the roof. The lightning protection system for the entire building was replaced, along with new access walk pads and new drains.

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