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Design, Reconstruction, Building Modifications, and Miscellaneous Repairs, Phase II


Location: Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, NY

Client: NAVFAC MidAtlantic for USMC, Marine Forces Reserve

EMR provided design-build, reconstruction, and repair services to three buildings: a 76,000 square foot main MCRC site; a 2,400 square foot Satellite Support Building; and a 7,600 square foot Vehicle Maintenance Facility. Interior and exterior components and systems were improved in appearance, safety, and security to bring the facility into compliance with applicable codes.


Major components of work for the existing three buildings included: interior/exterior inspection of facilities for defects and maintenance items; replacement of drywall, doors, and frames; rehabilitation of stairways; roof replacement, rehab, and spot repairs; replacement of windows, skylights, and frames; patching, sealing, and/or caulking of holes and cracks in interior and exterior surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, and metal; replacement of exterior metal siding; replacement of ceiling tiles and wall paneling; installation/replacement of electrical components, including switches, receptacles, conduit, wiring, buzzers, intercoms, and light fixtures; mold abatement; and asbestos abatement of 2,000 square feet of asbestos-containing material floor tile.

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