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Repair Aircraft Parking Apron

Aircraft Parking Apron

Location: Minneapolis ARS, MN

Client: Air Force Reserve Command

The existing Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) aircraft pavement was demolished and replaced with new PCC pavement and new asphalt pavement. The 16-inch thick aircraft parking apron was also removed and replaced. The project was completed during active flight line operations in and around the project site using critical phasing and aircraft-rated barricades.

Concrete Pavement: Approximately 7,700 square yards of existing 16-inch thick concrete and varying base material was removed and 12-inches of in situ soils was re-compacted. This was followed by 8-inch aggregate base to 100%, and finally 16-inch of PCC. The concrete pours were phased and sequenced to minimize construction joints and minimize project duration. Air content, slump, design mix water, and “cook” time of the concrete were all closely monitored to ensure a consistent product.

Asphalt Pavement: Approximately 1,100 square yards of existing 6-inch asphalt pavement and 8-inch base material was removed, and then in situ soils. EMR then added 8-inches of Class 5 aggregate base and compacted it to 100% followed by 4-inches of asphalt binder course, tack coat, and 1½-inches of surface course. Quality control focused on temperature of the asphalt, density, consistency of asphalt content, truck batch times, and ensuring the asphalt trucks did not track in foreign material. Care was taken to make sure that asphalt pills were not cored in projected aircraft wheel paths.

Storm Water Management: EMR successfully worked around existing trench drains and ensured that the slope of the new concrete did not alter the watershed to these drains. Also installed protection of existing inlets to ensure that the existing storm water drainage system was not damaged during construction. 

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