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Repair/Construction Heating Systems, Repair/Install EMCS Controllers, Demolish Heating Plant and Steam Pipe Systems

Heating Systems

Location: Minneapolis ARS, MN

Client: Air Force Reserve Command

EMR successfully completed this contract primarily consisting of plant demolition, mechanical/electrical demolition, asbestos demolition, landscaping, and freeze protection. Renovations included the installation of hot water unit heaters, fan coil units, coils in air handlers, deluge tank freeze protection, makeup air units, compressed air systems, boilers, hot water pumps, roof top units, make up water stations, piping, Defense Distribution Center controls, test and balance, commissioning, new domestic water systems, new electrical, moving/protecting furniture, interior refinishing, new mechanical chases, penetrations/modifications, structural requirements, and existing water freeze protection.


Other essential items involved floor drain installation, new hose bibs, natural gas service, new/modified wet pipe sprinkler systems, electrical wiring, lighting, heating, ventilation, fire alarms, exterior doors, and interior painting. EMR also constructed an addition to the Mechanical Room for Building 710 (300 square feet), Building 801 (200 square feet), Building 802 (70 square feet), Building 852 (130 square feet), Building 807 (100 square feet), and Building 822 (200 square feet), including existing site demolition, foundation and building shell construction, electrical and mechanical utilities, and site restoration.


Worksite activities were coordinated with base personnel to ensure that construction activities would not interfere with the ARS staff, as all buildings remained fully occupied throughout the entire course of the project.

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