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P723 Corry Station A-School Unaccompanied Housing

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Location: NAS Pensacola, FL

Client: NAVFAC Southeast

EMR was awarded an $18M contract to design and construct new Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ). The new building will be connected to adjacent Building 1094 – the two building lobbies connected with a covered walkway system with entry access to each. The BEQ will also include a lobby/reception area, a TV room on each floor, a common laundry on each floor, a first floor vending room, bulk storage rooms, clean and dirty linen storage rooms, office spaces will be replaced with 2+0 - NETC rooms, break rooms and vending space on each floor. Each 2+0 NETC room will include space for a two-person bedroom, a bath, two closets, cabinet with sink, under cabinet refrigerator, and a microwave oven. The total building area is 69,858 sf.

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