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Asbestos Abatement of 37 Buildings at
Fort Monmouth/Camp Evans

Asbestos Abatement at BRAC Facility

Location: Fort Monmouth, NJ

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District

EMR performed asbestos abatement services in 37 office, administration, and laboratory buildings at this BRAC facility. The objective of the project was to abate all asbestos within the interiors of these buildings designated for demolition or renovation. Work included removal of 138,075 square feet of floor tile and associated mastic; 12,206 linear feet of thermal system insulation; 900 square feet of blown in attic insulation (amosite); 150 square feet of transite panels; and mudded joints, boiler rib paste and gaskets, electric wire insulation, and duct vibration dampers.


EMR's onsite industrial hygiene technicians performed air monitoring using NIOSH Method 7400A for analysis of airborne fibers with Phase Contrast Microscopy. Air monitoring included collection and analysis of the pre-work area, daily work area, and final work area clearance samples. Measurements were collected and recorded during air monitoring conducted inside and outside of the work area. This provided proof and documentation that design criteria was maintained during abatement, that adequate worker protection was employed, that isolation of the work area was functioning properly, and that the area was certified for safe reoccupation. EMR also provided Transmission Electron Microscopy analysis of sensitive project completion clearance samples.

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