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Energy Management

Chiller/Boiler System Preventive Maintenance at Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility
Design and Implementation of Energy Reduction and Automation System at Manufacturing Facility
Design of Cooling System for Rigging/Welding Truck

Design of Cooling System for Rigging/Welding Truck

Kansas City, MO

Client: CHEMETRON Railway Products

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About Energy Management

EMR’s Energy Management Group offers EMR Power Scout, an advanced energy reduction and management program that was developed to aggressively reduce the power bills at a wide range of facilities. The goal is to restructure the power bill by removing or even eliminating demand charges, restructuring sales tax on production/non-production energy, reducing energy usage, and recreating load schedules.

What is EMR Power Scout? EMR Power Scout focuses on energy research, usage, time of use, and other aspects of power usage that normally are impossible to identify with traditional electrical meters or that are detailed in the power bill from the utility service provider.

What is the difference between traditional "energy auditing" and the EMR Power Scout program? The EMR Power Scout program is more advanced and effective than traditional energy auditing. Using the latest high tech Energy Data Loggers, Oscilloscopes, and a patented process and design developed by Nikola Tesla in 1890, our technicians acquire data that will be used to evaluate the Power Factor, energy and demand, and Power Quality requirements for the facility.

With EMR Power Scout, energy and demand reductions can be achieved by:

  • DEC Star® blower retrofits
  • Soft start and Variable Frequency Drive applications
  • Power Factor correction
  • Coincidental loading prevention/elimination
  • Identification of power losses
  • Lock-out timers that shut down specific pieces of equipment during times of non-operation or occupancy
  • Installation of automated wireless load management devices, controlled by a PC, phone app, or building controls system