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Remote Underwater MPPEH and UXO Investigation and Removal Action
FE Warren Performance-Based Remediation Contract
Accelerated Remedy-in-Place and Closure of Dry Cleaning Sites

FE Warren Performance-Based Remediation

Buckley AFB, CO; FE Warren AFB, WY; Malmstrom AFB, MT; Peterson AFB, CO; US Air Force Academy, CO

Client: Air Force Civil Engineer Center

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About Environment

EMR’s environmental services are focused on developing and implementing sustainable solutions. We are a leading provider of environmental engineering and geological services, regulatory compliance, industrial hygiene, and remediation and construction projects for both private and government sectors. EMR’s primary advantage lies in our highly technical professional staff, diversity of services and a unique ability to provide innovation and rapid response to customer needs.

EMR approaches site assessment and remediation based on the fundamental belief that every project requires the development of a comprehensive strategy towards closure. The development of closure strategies is a critical factor in reducing total project costs and ensuring that environmental reserves are accurate. EMR’s environmental services include:

Site Assessment — Phase I and II environmental assessments as part of property transactions, contamination assessments at sites with known or suspected releases, UST and oil/water separator removal and closure assessments, and risk assessments.

Remediation — Diverse experience in source removal, thermal absorption, groundwater pump and treat, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, in situ chemical oxidation, bioremediation, reactive barriers, and remediation system operation and maintenance.

Compliance — UST and AST system compliance, oil/water separator compliance, wastewater treatment plant compliance and maintenance, air monitoring and permitting, spill prevention control and countermeasures plans and monitoring, and stormwater pollution prevention (SWPP) plans and monitoring.

Industrial Hygiene — Asbestos containing materials, lead-based paint and mold assessments and mitigation, OSHA, radon, and naturally occurring radioactive material air monitoring.