What We Do

Construction Projects

NEX Gas Station

NEX Fleet Store/Gas Station

Construct ARFF Facility

Construct Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Facility

MTF at JBSA Lackland

Construct Medical Training Facility
JBSA, Lackland

Construct Air Traffic Control Tower

Construct Air Traffic Control Tower

Replace Chilled Water Piping

Replace Chilled Water Piping
Pensacola NAS


Renovate B510
Navy Gateway Inn & Suites

Air Traffic Control Tower

Repair Air Traffic Control Tower

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Repairs to Bachelor
Enlisted Quarters

Barrack Renovations

Renovate Barracks and Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Robotic Coating System

Robotic Coating System

Runway Approach Lighting

Replacement of Runway
Approach Lighting

Hangar Repairs

Repair and Modernization
of Hangar 57

Fuel Pump House

Repair Fuel Pump House

Additions to Fire Station

Addition to Fire Station No. 1

Hampton Inn Project

Construction of Hampton
Inn & Suites

Lodging Facility Renovations

Design-Build Renovate Dobbins Inn Lodging Facility

B310 and B421 Renovation

Design-Build Renovation of
B310 and B421

Electrical Distribution System

Design-Build of Electrical Distribution System

Electrical Distribution System Design

Replacement of Dam

Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Renovation

Building Modifications

Reconstruction of Three Buildings

Aircraft Parking Apron

Repair Aircraft Parking Apron

Heating Systems Repair

Repair and Replacement of
Heating Systems

Salina Levee

Repair of Levee System

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